Our Stance on Reincarnation

Reincarnation is a big part of our belief system in House Kheperu. We believe that our shared connections through past lives tie us together more than any other thing. Part of a person’s progress within the House involves accessing and integrating the memories of past lives, and while it is not essential for everyone to have complete recollection, we do believe that some sense of the past is an integral part of being Kheprian. We have a very detailed history that we have compiled by recording our memories and comparing them with one another. You will not find any of this material on this site, however. If it’s such an important part of who are, why keep it hidden? Well, it’s not really to keep secrets, but to prevent others’ memories from being tainted by what they might read. Even within the members of the House, the past life material is very carefully guarded, and we only talk about a certain time or place with someone once they’ve demonstrated some memory of their own.

There’s a very big reason for this. If we have the material out in the open for just anyone, there will be no way for us to tell if someone contacting us is having legitimate recollections or has just memorized some stuff from our site. Also, even if the person is having legitimate recollections, and they’ve read that material, how will they be able to know that the memory is pure and they’re not just incorporating the stuff that they’ve read? With the material known to only those who remember, however, we know right away when someone comes up with an accurate recollection that we’re speaking with one of our own.

You’ll have to forgive us for with-holding this one thing from you. Most of the material is of an intensely personal nature anyway and most of us would be uncomfortable having those things laid bare to the world. We don’t see this as keeping secrets since, if you were there with us, you remember these things already. And for those who weren’t, the material wouldn’t be all that important anyway.

Aside from the particulars of our own past, we are certainly willing to discuss the process of reincarnation and how we thing it works. Since many of us had memories of other lives since our earliest childhood, we feel that we can speak with some authority on the subject. Of course, our knowledge is limited to our own experiences, so please keep that in mind as you peruse the articles on this page.

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