The Foundation of the Kherete

House Kheperu has made a decision that will allow those who are not directly involved in the House to formally follow the Kheprian path, if they so choose. Many of you have asked permission to affiliate yourselves with us, either as individuals or as groups, and this landmark decision will tell you how.”,”Since the publication of the Psychic Vampire Codex, many of you have contacted me seeking to become involved in my group, House Kheperu. I write extensively about House Kheperu and its teachings in the Codex — the document remains one of the main tools used for teaching our techniques of energy work even within the House. However, in sharing House Kheperu’s particular point of view with the greater vampire community, it was not my intention to seduce the whole community to the ways of House Kheperu. I felt that we Kheprians had some ideas that others could learn from, but we were not prepared for so many to identify so very deeply with the teachings of the House.

Over the years since the book’s release, I am certain that most of you have noticed how very reluctant we are to give someone the title of “Kheprian.” Originally, this term was used for anyone who had direct ties to us from the past — people who shared a specific style of alteration to their energy. However, even before the Codex was picked up by Weiser Books, the House as a whole had decided to restrict the use of the term. We had seen too many instances of unstable individuals identifying with a system — any system — and then acting in such a way that brought the negative attention of the media to that system, making the group look bad because of the poor choices of one individual who was not even properly a part of the group to begin with.

We agreed, as a House, that the last thing we needed was to have some troubled teen go shoot up a school and declare that he was Kheprian. And so we have taken care to control the circumstances that allow a person to use that descriptor for themselves. It has cost us. We have had to scold people who very probably had legitimate ties to us, asking them not to use the term until they had gone through a long and tedious process of verification. We have shot down very sincere requests to start sister households, sometimes making people feel unwanted, shut out, and judged.

At this point, we understand and accept that many of you feel a strong resonance with our teachings. Just as many of you do not, and that is just fine, as well. But for those of you who have long sought some verification, some nod of approval and connection, we have reached a solution. At a meeting this past February, I was able to get the members of House Kheperu to endorse a word.

While, for legal reasons, we will continue to reserve the term “Kheprian” as a descriptor only of oathed members of House Kheperu, we can no longer ignore those brothers and sisters who feel a strong tie to us. And so, we offer the term Kherete (pronounced kheh-REET) This is a new word with no previous connotations attached to it that nevertheless captures some of the essence of “Kheperu” by maintaining the same first syllable. A Kherete is anyone — vampire or otherwise — who follows the teachings of House Kheperu, in part or in whole. A Kherete does not have to have an alteration. A Kherete does not have to be a psychic vampire. Sanguines who practice responsibly are accepted, just as anyone else who feels a strong tie to thist system will be accepted.

At this time, two Kheretian households are already in the process of being formed. We know that more will follow. We will impose no formal laws or structure upon you; we simply ask that you keep the Code of the Black Veil as it appears published in the Psychic Vampire Codex. You will be independent of House Kheperu, allowed to organize yourselves however you see fit. For our part, we will help you when we can. Some of the teaching materials that have previously only been used within House Kheperu will be released to you. We will release a ritual book for those who wish to integrate this into their spiritual practice. And several members of House Kheperu have volunteered to act as liaisons, giving advice on the various topics raised in the Codex and other works.

I do not care if you use this word or not. I am in no way attempting to homogenize the vampire community. You do not have to follow this path to be who you are. But the word is there for those who wish to make use of part of all of the Kheprian teachings without directly being involved in House Kheperu. Essentially, we are giving open sanction to sister households under the banner of the Kherete. We hope this provides a workable solution for all who have been seeking and have felt this need.

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