How can I learn more about energy work and/or the House?

  • This website is a good start.
  • Michelle has done extensive writing on both topics in her books.
  • We are on Twitter and Facebook as well.
  • Attending Gather is always an option if you can travel.

How can I apply for House Membership?

The best way to apply to the House is to make a point of meeting us in person. We are highly selective, and we like to get to know a person before extending an application. Conversation over email and chat is nice, but we feel strongly that meeting in person is vital. During that time, finding a member of the House who would be willing to advocate for your application is the key to the next step.

Please note that this informal phase can last a year or more.

Once we feel comfortable with you, we will give you a digital application form. You would return that to us. We will discuss the application and let you know the outcome.

Will you make me a vampire?

We’re a group of energy workers. Not Hollywood or Bram Stoker vampires. Not Anne Rice characters. We certainly do not sparkle. Most of us do not even identify as psychic vampires.

So no. We cannot turn you into a vampire. That’s not a thing.